Guitar, piano, and private music lessons in Montgomery County, PA

How much do private, in-home music lessons cost?

Here are our prices :

A month of weekly, 30-minute sessions = $109
A month of weekly, 45-minute sessions = $159
A month of weekly, 60-minute sessions = $209

We can also arrange for sessions of different lengths of time, if need be.

Most customers pay for their lessons with a personal check or cash. Money orders are OK and we also accept PayPal (at a slightly higher rate due to PayPal’s 2.9% transaction fee.) Personal checks and money order are made payable to The Music Teacher Guy LLC.

There are no credits nor refunds given for missed or cancelled lessons except in the unusual circumstance that I cancel a lesson. In the event that a major national or religious holiday should happen to fall directly upon your lesson day, a deduction from the amount of the monthly payment is permitted, provided there are not still four other viable lesson days remaining that month.

Monthly lesson tuition is a flat fee, unless your lesson days falls upon a major American holiday. There are no lessons and there is no charge on a major holiday. (There are six major American holidays.)

Some of our teachers offer a FREE fifth lesson in a month in order to offset the occasional customer cancellation. (Lessons cancelled by students are not refunded in this case. Only teacher cancellations are credited forward.) However, other teachers employ a cancellation policy in which they only need 24 hours’ notice for there to be nothing owed for a cancellation. Also, in July and August, we tend to “play it by ear” more, since that’s when most of us take our vacations.

Feel free to send us a note on the CONTACT page with any additional questions.


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